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Kamchatka & Kurile volcanoes
VOKKIA - Volcanoes of Kurile-Kamchatka Island Arc Information System
VolSatView - Remote monitoring of active volcanoes of Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands Information System
  Catalogue of Kamchatka Holocene volcanoes
  Catalogue of Kamchatka and the Northern Kuriles active volcanoes
  Submarine volcanoes of the Kurile island arc
KVERT/Volcano Observatory Notification to Aviation (VONA)
World volcanoes
Late Cenozoic Pacific submarine volcanoes Database
  Geomagnetic investigations of Late Cenozoic Pacific submarine volcano activity
Hydro-thermal systems of Kamchatka
Geology of hydro-thermal fields
Valley of Geysers
Significant dates in volcanology
Studying Kamchatka volcanoes

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The principal objectives of IVS FEB RAS are:
volcanism and related geological, geophysical, geochemical and geothermal processes; mechanism of volcanic activity, volcanogenic ore formation, geo-ecology
seismicity, tectonics, geodynamics, structure and evolution of volcanic zones, earthquake and eruption forecast; seismic, volcanic and tsunami hazard
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Joint Academic council of IVS FEB RAS and KB GS RAS
KVERT — Kamchatka volcano eruption response team
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Kamchatka and the Kuriles volcanoes: Erupting or Restless (Information of KVERT)
More information about activity of the volcanoes ...
  Activity of the volcanoes in photos
Volcanoes of Kurile-Kamchatka Island Arc Information System (VOKKIA)

Real-time volcano monitoring:
  Plosky Tolbachik
  Klyuchevskoy volcano
  Sheveluch volcano
  Bezymianny volcano
  Kizimen volcano
  Gorely volcano
  Avachinsky volcano
  Koryaksky volcano
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