No. 1, 2000

Large Modem Collapses and Avalanches on the Klyuchevskoi Cone:
a Review of the Consequences of the 1944-1945, 1984-1985, and 1994 Eruptions

V. N. Dvigalo, I. V. Melekestsev

Active Volcanoes of Kamchatka: Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Eruptive Intensity and Productivity

N. N. Kozhemyaka

Petrology of a Megacryst Assemblage in Plio-pleistocene Basanites from the Vitim Plateau

K. D. Litasov

A Geochemical Model for Water Mixing in the Mouth of the Yuriev River, Kuril Islands

S. M. Fazlullin

Preliminary Results of Seismo-Tilt Observations in Geodynamic Observatory Cueva De Los
Verdes at Island of Lanzarote (Spain)

A. V. Kalinina, V. A. Volkov, R. Vieira, J. Arnoso, A. M. Buloshnikov,
A. V. Gorbatikov, A. V. Nikolaev

Seismic Quiescences Before Two Strong Earthquakes on Kamchatka, 1996

V. A. Saltykov, Yu. A. Kugaenko

The Effects of Low-amplitude Vibrations on Rock Deformation at Constant Loads

Yu. A. Trapeznikov, B. Ts. Manzhikov, L. M. Bogomolov

Reflection of Unsteady Low Frequency Waves Normally Incident from a Compressible Liquid
to a Porous Medium

G. A. Bordakov, E. Yu. Mikolaevskiy, S. Ya. Sekerj-Zenkovitch

Author index 1999