No. 3, 2000

Evaluation of the Size of Crustal Magma Chambers Beneath Volcanoes and of Their Time Behavior Based on the Amount and
Composition of Ejecta and Chamber Depth

S. A. Fedotow, 1. S. Utkin, L. I. Utkina

Origin and Paragenetic Associations of Chemogenic Aluminous Sediments in the Kikhpinych Long-Lived Volcanic
Center, Kamchatka

O.F. Kardanova, G. A. Karpov

Alteration of Rocks on the Epithermal Ores and Deposits Areas of Modern Hydrothermal Activity

A. A. Sidorov, V.I.Goncharov

Origin of Submarine Volcanoes Along a Spreading Ridge in the Pacific

V. V. Matveenkov, Yn.V. Brusilovsky, L. P. Volokitina

Physical Modeling of the Magnetotelluric Field for the Petropavlovsk Geodynamic Site, Kamchatka

Yii. F. Moroz:, V. M. Kobzova, B. T. Ludanivskii

On a Seismic Crustal Model for Avacha Volcan and Kamchatka

L. /. Gontovaya, S. L. Senyukov

General Indicators of Stress and Strain in Rocks and their Application to Seismology

.4. A. Repko, L. N. Petrova, Yu. M. Kartashov, M.D. Ilinov

Hyperbolic Laws of Seismic Preparation of Eruption Shivelutch Volcano on November 12, 1964

A. 1. Malyshev

Obituary (V.A. Budnikov)