No. 5, 2000

Ignimbrite Differentiation and Estimation of the Volume of Magma Ejected during Ignimbrite Forming Eruptions in East Kamchatka

V. L. Leonov, E. N. Grib, L. A. Kartasheva

Natural Gold Deposited from Gas Emanations on Cinder Cones Produced by the 1975 Great Tolbachik Fissure Eruption

L. P. Vergasova, G. L. Starova, E. K. Serafimova. S. K. Filatov, T. M. Filosofova, R. L. Dunin-Barkovsky

Stucture of the Basement under the Southeast Kamchatka Volcanic Belt

V. S. Sheimovich, M. D. Sidorov

Volcanotectonic Structures in the North of the Kamchatka Peninsula

S. E. Aprelkov, S. V. Popruzhenko

Early Holocene Tephra in the Bottom Sediments of the Latakia Basin

P. N. Kuprin

An Application of Lichenometry and Tephrochronology for Dating the Holocene Glacial Deposits in Kamchatka

O. S. Savoskul

Volcanic Ash as Natural Risk Factor for Airplanes (Based on Ash Particles Properties)

V. Yu. Kirianov, S. B. Felitsyn

Polarization and Bispectral Characteristics of MIcroseisms During Observations at the Seismic Station "Borovoe"

S. I. Aleksandrov, O. V. Pavlenko, Yu. K. Malyshev