No. 6, 2000

On the Age of Novo-Bakening Volcano, Kamchatka and the Tephra Stratigraphy of the Area

O. A. Braitseva, M. M. Pevzner

Buried Pliocene Calderas in East and South Kamchatka

S. V. Popruzhenko, S. E. Aprelkov

A Hydrological Model for a Lake in the Malyi Semyachik Crater, Kamchatka

G. M. Gavrilenko

Carbonate Minerals in the Post-Eruption Process on Kamchatkan Volcanoes

E. K. Serafimova

Fractal Properties of the Lithosphere Based on the Coda of Local Earthquakes and the Seismicity Structure in the Racha
Earthquake Source Zone

V. B. Smirnov, V. D. Feofilaktov

Solitary Waves on a Crustal Fault

V. G. Bykov

An Analysis of Possible Tsunami Forecasting in Advance for the Pacific Coast of Kamchatka

A. A. Poplavskii

Design of Optimal Regional Seismograph Network: Armenia Region

V. Yu. Burmin, Nguen Van Fong, A. M. Avetisyan


Book Review. Augustin Udias "Principles of Seismology"

Edoardo del Pezzo