No.5, 2004

Long-term Earthquake Prediction for the Kuril-Kamchatka Arc
for 2004-2008 and Retrospective Prediction
for September 25, 2003 Hokkaido Earthquake of M = 8.1

S. A. Fedotov, A. V. Solomatin, S. D. Chernyshev

The Evolution of Magma Chambers in the Calderas Situated
in the Southern Sector of the Karymski Volcanic Center.
Part II. PTF Conditions for Crystallization of Ignimbrite-generating Melts,
Evolution of the Magmatism

E. N. Grib, V. L. Leonov

A Modeling of Geochemical Processes in the Interuptive Phase
of Mutnovski Volcano, southern Kamchatka

M. E. Zelenskii, L. A. Kazmin, V. M. Okrugin

Vortical Phenomena during the January 2, 1996 Subaqutic Eruption
in the Akademii Nauk Caldera

V. I. Andreev, A. S. Latkin

On the Possible Position of a Magnitude 8.0 Earthquake
in the Avacha Bay Incorporating the Velocity Characteristics
in the Beniof Zone, and Assessment of the Seismic Effect
on Land and on the Sea Floor

I. P. Kuzin, O. N. Solovieva, A. B. Flenov

May 10, 2004 Paroxysmal Eruption of Young Shiveluch Volcano

A. Yu. Ozerov, Yu. V. Demyanchuk