No.6, 2006

On a Possible Relationship Between Large Earthquakes and Abnormal Pressure Changes
in a Two-Phase Geothermal Reservoir

A. V. Kiryukhin, V. A. Korneev, A. Yu. Polyakov

Formation of Ordered Permolecular Silica Structures in a Hydrothermal Solution

V. V. Potapov, D. V. Kamashev, V. A. Gorbach, M. A. Bliznyakov

Relationship of Electric Polarization and Acoustic Emission from Specimens of Geomagterials
under Uniaxial Compression

A. S. Zakupin, A. V. Aladiev, L. M. Bogomolov, B. V. Borovskii, P. V. Il'ichev,
V. N. Sychev, N. A. Sycheva

The Electrical Conductivity of the Geologic Medium Derived
from a Magnetotelluric Sounding in Kamchatka

Yu. F. Moroz, T. A. Moroz, S. E. Smirnov

Electromagnetic Radiation and Self-excited Oscillations Preceding Rock Failure

G. E. Yakovitskaya

Earthquake-induced Water Level Changes in the YuZ-5 Well, Kamchatka

G. N. Kopylova

On Mechanisms of the Seismic Signals Generation the Interaction of Tornadoes
with the Ground Surface

L. Kh. Ingel

The Seismic Process in a Geologic Medium of Extreme Energy Saturation
and Earthquake Prediction

G. A. Gusev, I. L. Gufeld

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