No.3, 2007

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A Long-term Earthquake Forecast for the Kuril-Kamchatka Island Arc
for the Period 2006-2011 and a Successful Forecast of the Ms =8.2
Middle Kuril Earthquake on November 15, 2006

S. A. Fedotov, A. V. Solomatin, S. D. Chernyshev

Vegetation Dynamics and Ecologic Impact of the 1996 Eruptions
at the Karymskii Volcanic Center, Kamchatka

V. G. Dirksen, O.V. Dirksen

Body Wave Velocity Distribution in the Benioff Zone of Central Kamchatka
During the Aftershock Sequence of the Magnitude 7.9 Kronotsky Earthquake of 1997

I. P. Kuzin, V. I. Levina, A. B. Flenov

Shear Wave Attenuation and Scattering in the Kamchatka Lithosphere

V. K. Lemzikov

On the Applicability of the RTL Prediction Techniques and Energy Estimate
to Sakhalin Seismicity

G. A. Sobolev

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