No.6, 2007

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Geothermal Regime and Geodynamics of the North Pacific Ocean

E. V. Verzhbitskii, M. V. Kononov, V. D. Kotelkin

Holocene Volcanism in Central Mongolia and Northeast China:
Asynchronous Decompressional and Fluid Melting of the Mantle

I. S. Chuvashova, S. V. Rasskazov, T. A. Yasnygina, E. V. Saranina,
N. N. Fefelov

On the Effects of Air Pressure Variations on Radon Exhalation into the

P. P. Firstov, E. A. Ponomarev, N. V. Cherneva, A. V. Buzevich,
O. P. Malysheva

The Age of Epithermal Gold-and-Silver Metallization in the Asachinskii Deposit,
Southern Kamchatka Derived by the 40Ar/ 39Ar Method

A. S. Lapukhov, B. V. Guzman, V. A. Gorev, E. P. Solotchina, A. V. Travin

The relation of Seismicity to Lithosphere Density Inhomogeneities
in the Russian Far East

A. M. Petrishcevskii

Assessing the Intensity of the September 17, 2003, Khotio-Gol Earthquake
from Instrumental and Macroseismic Data

V. A. Pavlenov, Ya. B. Radziminovich, S. G. Arzhannikov, A. S. Gladkov,
I. A. Dzyuba