No. 2, 2008

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Cretaceous/Paleogene Magmatism on the Sredinnyi Range, Kamchatka: Magma Sources

G. B. Flerov, V. A. Seliverstov

Magnetotelluric Sounding of Kamchatka

Yu. F. Moroz, N. A. Laguta, T. A. Moroz

Precursors of Large Earthquakes in Kamchatka Based on Monitoring
of Seismic Noise

V. A. Saltykov, Yu. A. Kugaenko, V. I. Sinitsyn, V. N. Chebrov

Estimation of Shear-Wave Attenuation Characteristics for the Klyuchevskoi
Volcanic Edifice

M. V. Lemzikov

Asymmetrical Pulses, Periodicity and Synchronization of Low Frequency Microseisms

G. A. Sobolev, A. A. Lyubushin, N. A. Zakrzhevskaya

The Fifty Years of Detailed Seismological Investigations: The Kuril-Kamchatka Arc

S. A. Fedotov