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Field work at Bezymianny volcano.

July - October, 2006  
Bezimyanny volcano (August 05, 2006)

Russian-American team

Field work at Bezymianny volcano has been executed by Complex expedition of Institute Volcanology and Seismology Far East Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IVS FED RAS) within the frame of an international project Partnership in volcanological research and education, together with the Geophysical Institute (Alaska, USA), Kamchatkan Branch of Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences (KB GS RAS). Duration of project: 2006-2010 years.

Schedule of Field work:

Development of measuring network installation of 12 GPS-receivers around Bezymianny volcano on a whole-year basis;
Installation of portable broadband seismic stations to arrange radiotelemetric network operated by KB GS RAS and observe seismic processes in magma chamber and volcano edifice;
During 2006-2010 summer periods Kamchatkan Research Center (KRC RAS) staff will conduct field works and volcanological field school for PhD, graduate and postgraduate students.
2006: during the first year of the Project 6 GPS stations and 2 seismic stations were installed on the volcano. From July 22nd to August 20th 11 students from USA and from Kamchatka State University (Russia) accomplished geological-petrological research under supervision of scientific staff from IVS, GI (Alaska) and invited specialists. Deposits from catastrophic eruption of 1956 year and pyroclastic flows from the recent eruptions were studied in detail. Aerophotosurveying of Bezymianny volcano summit was done in July, 31th. It will help to estimate development of extrusive dome and the main crater after the eruption of May 9th 2006.

Deputy chief of the Complex expedition,
Senior researcher Sergey V.Ushakov

GPS-station (October 07, 2006)

installation of GPS-station

seismic station

fieldwork at the 2005 pyroclastic flow

dome of Bezimyanny volcano (July 31, 2006)

dome of Bezimyanny volcano (July 31, 2006)

© Photo: Izbekov P.E., Ushakov S.V., Ozerov A.Yu., Yashyuk V.V

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